Water, TV and Aquariums

I have a question for you.

What do Regency Nursing Centers share in common with elite 5 star hotels?
Yes, the obvious similarity is that we both pamper our customers in serene and tranquil environments.

What else though?

I was sipping a bottle of water this morning when it hit me like a kick in the gullet (usually the case when I have an epiphany).

The answer is Water!

There is magic in water and both our business models capitalize on its essence.

No, I refer not to the insipid, inodorous, colorless and smooth water in my bottle of Evian!
Actually, George Carlin famously had this to say about my indulgence:
“Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.”

Instead, I refer to the similarity between our stunning aquascapes at all Regency Nursing Centers and the equally beautiful setups featured at the most luxurious hotels on the planet.
I previously blogged here, regarding our aquascaping at the Regency Gardens Nursing Center in Wayne, NJ. (photos are included!)

However, this isn’t exclusive to that Regency location. Indeed, every Regency Nursing Home in NJ features the same. Check us out in Dover, Hazlet, Somerset, etc etc. ALL of our locations are lush with cascading waterfalls nestled in harmony with our manicured landscapes.

Waterfall at Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ
Waterfall at Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ

What is the magic here?

I’d like to offer my philosophy on the subject for a moment (I know, I’ve got too much time on my hands in the early mornings, but it beats counting sheep!)

Water features have been used for centuries in the landscape. We incorporate water to create strategic focal points of the landscape. Sometimes, we create a reflecting pool for a subtle and serene effect. Other times we create powerful and pulsing waterfalls to promote the beauty and wonder of its creation. In all instances, however, water provides soothing nourishment for the body and soul.

Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers also provide soothing nourishment for the body and soul, hence our collaboration with water!

But wait a second! Waterfalls aren’t the only thing we share in common with the Hilton’s and Hyatt’s of the world.
We also feature the same plethora of aquariums and flat screen tv’s!

Saltwater Aquarium at Regency!

Everywhere I go at Regency, I have beautiful salt water fish staring back at me from their comfy habitats!

..and flat screen tv’s..forget about it! They are in our resident rooms and recreation and living areas.

Check out this whopping tv in one of our recreation rooms!

Judah and Maggaro in front of the big screen!
Judah and Maggaro in front of the big screen!

Our residents actually play interactive games on this behemoth!

What can I say, Regency Nursing Centers are 5 star hotels in disguise. Our residents certainly feel that way!

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