Regency Nursing Teaches Respect

Last night, I visited the local City Hall to participate in a hearing dealing with issues affecting my neighborhood and community.

I looked over to my left at one point and noticed a particular woman sitting in the aisle across fom me who was totally engrossed in knitting some ugly sweater she brought with her!
She was literally sitting there with a bag of yarn on her lap and two of those big needles and she was knitting! This is a woman who I believe works for the municipality in some capacity and actually sits on the board of one of their committees!

I was shocked to the core by her blatant lack of respect for the institution.


This is how I was raised at home and this is the environment I am part of in the workplace.

At Regency Nursing Centers, RESPECT is not a concept, it is a creed.

We spend a great deal of time cultivating respect for our institutions, our families and our residents. This respect is manifest in everything we do. From our formal mode of dress, to our interaction with our patients and residents, our guiding principle is to treat everyone with respect.

When we lend a listening ear to our residents, we are completely focused on what they are saying. We don`t simply listen, we internalize.
We do not converse in our individual native tounges in front of our residents. We speak in English and we are mindful and sensitive to everyone.
We take care of people and we are surrounded by people. We do not sell widgets.

We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Our families and residents do not simply love us, they respect us as well.
Simple. We love and Respect them and not superficially, but in a manner which is evident in our every interaction.

This woman ought to spend a day at any Regency Nursing and Rehab Facility, to learn about what it means to respect your institutions, let alone those around you.

`nuff said.

Have a great day!

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