Using Fake Rappers to Promote Health Insurance?!

Just when you thought absurdity met boundaries, blogosphere this week is buzzing about the new ads promoting health insurance for Washington state’s young people.

The question people are asking is whether the ads are quirky, hip and funny, or insulting and offensive?

Michael Marchand says it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t care if people like or hate what I’m doing, so long as they get the URL right,” said Marchand, director of communications for the Washington Healthplanfinder, the website where people can buy subsidized health insurance plans.

The ads, launched in late February, feature two fictitious rappers who interview real residents about their success enrolling in health plans through the state’s exchange. The duo are sort of a caricature of rap artists. One is white and wears an absurdly thick gold chain, a coat with a white furry hood and white baseball cap. The other is African American, chubby and wears a green satin jacket and shades. Here is the You Tube Video.

Healthcare ad?!
Healthcare ad?!

In the week after the ads started running, there was a 10 percent increase in the number of young adults initiating and completing their enrollment in health insurance plans through the exchange, Marchand said.

I’ve seen Medicare enrollment ads and ads for AARP, I don’t believe this type of advertising would play well with seniors!!

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