Regency Nursing Gift Baskets!

Everyone associated with Regency Nursing Centers, loves our resident and patient gifts and goodies.

We are generous with our patients upon admission and provide them with magnificent gift baskets designed by our Recreation Directors. We are also generous with our discharged patients to provide them with Regency trinkets for them to remember their excellent experience in one of our Post-Acute Rehab Centers.

Regency Gift Basket
Regency Gift Basket



When it comes to gifts, Regency competes with the likes of Google.

Google invests huge sums of money into the gifts they provide to their vendors, contributors, employees and advertisers.

Our very own social worker, Meghan, has a loved one who works at Google and I often joke with her about the gadgets and gizmos they have flying around in their offices and suites.

My buddy just received this gift from Google (he is an SEO expert):

Google plane. crazy!
Google plane.


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