Today’s Regency Double Dose of Inspiration!

I was inspired twice today!

Once in the morning when I was at beautiful Regency Park and noticed their magnificent new welcome gift baskets provided to each and every resident! Just beautiful! I took some pictures for you below.

Then, in the afternoon when I pulled into the parking lot at beautiful Regency Heritage in Somerset, I was inspired all over again when I chanced upon an awesome sight.

It seems, somebody parked a boat in the parking spot I often occupy!

I kid you not!

But that’s ok, because I immediately felt like summer is here! I felt hot and cold at the same time and could taste the salt, feel the heat and hear the waves crashing against the shore (Err, wait, scratch the last rumination, those sounds aren’t waves against the shore, they are my kids fighting over a shovel and sandcastle)

Oh well, here’s the boat below and right under the new gift baskets! 

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