To Live And Love

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Today was a rough day personally, as I attended the funeral of a dear and beloved family member.

As I stood in the chapel listening to the eulogies, I was instantly struck by a seemingly anomalous picture right there before my eyes.

Nearby, stood the draped coffin of our dearly departed loved one. Just off to the side of that stood a cousin of ours who was holding her 2 week old infant.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the incongruity of this image – and yet, it made perfect sense.

For such is the cycle of life.

Children are born into the hands of their loving parents who nurture them into their adulthood.

Later in life, these same parents will rely on their children to nurture them in comfort and serenity until their passing day.

To live is to love.

Indeed, in order to really live life to its fullest, one must exhibit and be capable of feeling the stirrings of love for another.

Yet, in order to love properly, once must also know what it feels like to be the beneficiary of such love.

To be sure, today was a sad day for my family.

However, it is also a reaffirmation of life itself and the beauty and abundant blessings inherent in purposeful living!

Tonight, I am back here at Regency Park writing this blog and I feel doubly blessed because I work in an environment so full of love, devotion and dedication.

There is a reason that the entire spectrum of the Healthcare community recognizes that “Regency Is The Place Where The Caring Comes To Life!”

It is because we treat our patients as though they were our own parents, grandparents, or family members.

We know what it means to feel love towards our residents and families.

At Regency Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Centers, we allow and facilitate our residents pursuit of living life to its fullest, with our devotion, compassion and LOVE.

Good night.




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