Tips For Living to be 100

Stamford Advocate has a piece this morning regarding a recent function which took place at the Sunrise Assisted Living in Stamford CT.

The assembled gathering were treated to a lecture by a prominent Cardiologist, who discussed “tips for living to be 100 years old.”

I had to chuckle to myself..

“Tips for living too 100?”

Yeah, I got a tip for you….

 Place your elderly loved one at one of our heralded Regency Nursing Centers and you will be giving them they key to longevity! No charge for this tip, btw.

At Regency Centers, we are well known for the many Centenarians who are thriving under our expert care and compassion!

In fact, we achieved a Guinness World Record last year for the largest gathering of Centenarians under one roof (we still hold that distinction)!

Check out our TV coverage and our happy recap of the original event!





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