Time Warner Launches Virtual Home Health Initiative

Time Warner Cable has partnered with Tely Labs to create what it’s calling an affordable home health monitoring “breakthrough” aimed at improving follow-up care for patients once they’re back at home.

Time Warner Cable Business Class and Tely Labs, the maker of the telyHD videoconferencing platform, are launching a trial for ‘Virtual Visits,’ touted as an easy-to-use telyHD video calling system that allows healthcare providers to virtually follow up with discharged patients.

The comprehensive solution could contribute to reduced hospital readmission rates and associated costs, the partnership says, adding that the platform overcomes former cost and logistics obstacles.

“Technology is key to addressing the increasing pressures of cost and compliance in healthcare,” said Sreekanth Ravi, president and CEO of Tely Labs, in a statement. “While telemedicine is not new, an affordable and easy-to-use solution, coupled with TWCBC’s operational reach, is a genuine breakthrough.”

Hospitals are penalized for readmissions above a certain threshold under the Affordable Care Act, and the home health monitoring system has the potential to help hospitals free up outpatient facilities and reduce the amount of missed appointments, in-room care costs for readmissions, and healthcare reform-related penalties, says Ravi.

Using the “Virtual Visit’ solution, healthcare workers can remain in their clinical setting while communicating with and providing quality care to patients in home settings.

“Our partnership with Tely Labs has enabled Time Warner Cable Business Class to provide a secure solution for hospitals and physicians that effectively engages with patients in their own home,” said Greg King, senior vice president and chief product and strategy officer at TWCBS. “‘Virtual Visits’ can help reduce stress on a patient during the critical post-discharge period, while simultaneously enabling follow-up assessment and recovery tracking by the healthcare provider.”

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