The Power of Words

I just read a great piece from Shelly Mesure, writing for Mcknights.

At Regency Nursing Centers, we document with microscopic attention to detail. At the same time, we are cognizant of the fact that the liability in the written word is that the subtle but powerful nuances of tone and inflection are often lost.

It is for this reason that we supplement our documentation with an incredibly cohesive and personal collaboration across all departments and disciplines, where every patient and every chart is brought up for discussion. In this way, we ensure that nothing is ever “lost in translation” and our patients receive the very best care and attention relevant to their current conditions.

Shelly writes as follows:

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is an age-old adage that implies that the power of communication — in this case, written communication — is more powerful than a physical weapon. Do you adopt this philosophy when you are sending emails, text messages, or any other type of written communication?

Have you ever thought that it’s easier to communicate by phone or in person to avoid miscommunication that may be perceived from an email or text message? Well, this also applies to our medical records and rehab documentation.

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