The Gorgeous Regency Grande Postacute Center – A Short Video!

Last night I had an epiphany!

I knew I had a corporate marketing meeting today in our magnificent Regency Grande Postacute Care Center in Dover, NJ.

This meeting is the brainchild of our beloved and visionary Founder and President. It is where he gets together with all of his Regency ‘Ambassadors’ from all of the Regency Post Acute facilities statewide to discuss strategies and initiatives for growth.

There is a reason we are Industry leaders and these marketing sessions attribute to our achievements because Mr. Gross allows for the exchange of creative ideas and concepts.

At this meeting, I not only get the opportunity to talk to the superstars (Like Mark B, Tzvi G, Joe O, just to name a few), I also get the opportunity to eat…allot!!
The food is delicious and bountiful. No expenses are spared (just like every positive initiative at Regency facilities) and it is literally a smorgasbord to tickle even the most discriminating palate!

Since I knew I was gonna fill up on the food, I figured I was due for a ‘pre-emptive strike’ and therefore went out for a 7 mile run late last night to prep for today’s food festival!
Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed….but I truly digress, because this blog is supposed to be a pictorial of our breathtaking Regency Grande Postacute and Nursing Facility.

What can I say, but to simply let this short video ‘speak’ for me.

Simply put, you’ve never seen a facility like this. This place isn’t like the “old age home” you might conjure up in your mind from the (bad) movies of yore. No, there is nothing obsolete or nostalgic about our places.

Instead, Regency Grande is a modern and majestic edifice with stately appointments and accoutrements everywhere.
From the drapes to the stunning carpet, to the sconces and wall art, to the awesome and drool worthy built in aquarium; Regency Grande is an oasis of beauty in the Dover NJ community.

So take a look and feast your eyes on this video and then call Carla Holton to schedule a personal tour!

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