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I had to be in my old hometown late last night. I figured I would pay a visit to my Brother in Law, who is a prolific music composer, arranger and singer.

He just built himself a brand new state of the art recording studio in his basement and he is quite proud of it. The cumulative worth of his equipment is valued at above $100,000 dollars and he has many recording artists booking time to record at his place. He wanted me to come take a look since I was in the area.

Being somewhat of a music buff myself, I decided to humor him and see what all the fuss is about.


He’s got a very cool setup!

With my Brother in Law in his futuristic music studio!

With my Brother in Law in his futuristic music studio!

So we were talking about music and he was showing me what the different dials on the big console were for. Then he turns to me and says; “see how I manipulate this sound effect using this knob? Well Elvis was able to do that purely with his own voice, it’s a shame he’s gone!”

I responded and said whatever are you talking about!?

Elvis isn’t gone at all!

Heck, I see him performing at Regency Postacute Rehab Centers all of the time! In fact, from all of the various performers who come by to give concerts (and there are many), Elvis is most beloved by our patients and their families!

Concert going on at this very moment in Regency Park Postacute Center (I just snapped the photo!)

Concert going on at this very moment in Regency Park Postacute Center (I just snapped the photo!)

I’ll never forget how enamored my children were when they came to visit Regency Park in Hazlet for a day of festivities with our families and were treated to a splendid Elvis concert! They couldn’t get over it!

A few days later, I had to get something from down in the basement. So I go downstairs and see my little 6 year old gyrating with a makeshift guitar (the broomstick was a sorry excuse for a guitar, but quite creative for a 6 year old) to some music. I took a look at him and said Ben, that’s some great stuff you’re playing there, but what’s the deal with your shirt unbuttoned halfway down?

He looks at me like I’m the crazy one and exclaims, “I’m just like the singer from your work!”

“Singer from my work?”

Took me a minute to realize that he was referring to ELVIS!!

Just hope he doesn’t do that in School!!!

No, friends, I can assure you, Elvis is very much alive at the Regency Nursing and Rehab Facilities across the Sate of New Jersey.

Ask our happy patients and residents (and ask my little Ben…just not in front of his Mother please!)

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