“Text” Your Way Into Our Email List For Great Updates!!


Happy Friday!!

Here is some exciting news for you!

We have just put the final touches on a great new initiative called “Text to Join.”

Here is how it works:

  • Take out your mobile device and text the word REGENCY to 42828.
  • You will get an instant invitation to join our mailing list by texting back your email address.
  • Text back your email address and get an instant welcome email!
  • Your email is now captured in our database!

All of this should take you about 20 seconds or less.

What’s in it for you, you ask?


  • Stay on top of all the exciting programs and initiatives at our facilities!
  • Learn about our upcoming $25,000 Scholarship Giveaway!!
  • See pictures and videos of our special events!
  • Be informed of important bulletins and updates as they occur.

…and, we will never spam your in-box or share your information.

We have initiated the pilot program at Regency Park and have placed posters at our nurses station, in our lobbies, common areas and employee cafeteria!

This will soon be implemented at our other facilities as well!

Now go take on the day!!!

regency text poster-2regency text poster-3

regency text poster-1

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