Mother’s Day 2015 At Regency Heritage In Somerset!!

Was absolutely magnificent!!

I have photos for you all to enjoy.

All of the Regency Heritage staff are dedicated and exceptional.

Today, I’d like to highlight two extremely talented individuals:

Tamara Bergman, our head of dietary!

Caroline (‘Carrie’) Santiago, our Director Of Recreation!

Tamara, put together a delicious and artful nourishment table, to rival anything you might findĀ at the fanciest restaurants and social events!

Carrie, put together a special “photo booth” to capture beautiful pictures of our residents and their families!

Pictures ‘speak a thousand words,’ so take a look!!!


Mothers Day 2015 018Mothers Day 2015 102


Mothers Day 2015 012Mothers Day 2015 031Mothers Day 2015 033Mothers Day 2015 041Mothers Day 2015 116Mothers Day 2015 177



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