Tesla Cars Will Soon Babysit You While You Sleep

Did you know that we recently conducted a Tesla contest (yes, TESLA the really expensive car) with BIG money in prizes?

Yep, we did…and for real money and lots of it.

We do funky things like this every so often (in addition to our many truly charitable contributions and the various philanthropic causes our Regency Founder is invested in).

Read about our Tesla Giveaway here.

You see, Regency is all about being innovative in all things Healthcare.

We set the standards for others to (attempt to) follow.

Same with Tesla, ……….so it was a natural partnership.

In any event, this week Tesla unveiled a new autopilot feature for its Model S that basically does everything for you…

Kind of freaky and nerve wracking though, if you ask me..

(good thing I don’t drive a Tesla, though I know somebody who does)

Read more about the system here.


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