‘Deleterious’ Rules With Potentially ‘Deleterious’ Consequences

One of my favorite writers, Bill Myers, has a piece today in Provider regarding the ‘hot-button’ proposed (CMS) regulations known by its (un-flattering) moniker, “Too Much Too Soon.”

In his title, Bill used the word “deleterious,’ when quoting AHCA President and CEO, Mark Parkinson.

‘Deleterious,’ is a great word for a wordsmith and one I haven’t seen used in a long time and not since my Dad would discuss a particular diamonds internal inclusions as “not having a deleterious impact on its structural integrity!”

…but that was a career ago… and I digress.

He quotes Mr. Parkinson, who posits that “These proposals exceed CMS’ statutory authority and are not necessary to protect resident health and safety,” (he said). “In addition, many of the stated factual and legal grounds for the proposals are incorrect. Congress has repeatedly rejected efforts to regulate the use of arbitration agreements by skilled nursing care centers and their residents.”

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