Rehab Facilities Near Riverview Hospital in Red Bank

Yesterday, I went to visit a patient at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, NJ.

Riverview Medical Center
Riverview Medical Center

Riverview is a beautiful hospital located in what is considered an affluent area. We have an excellent relationship with Riverview Hospital and we accept many of their subacute patients to our beautiful facility, Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation, in Hazlet NJ.

I captured this photograph yesterday while standing in the lobby of the hospital. This room overlooks the bay and the panorama is exceptionally beautiful and therapeutic.

View from the Lobby in Riverview Hospital!
View from the Lobby in Riverview Hospital!

There is another rehab facility located near Riverview hospital. They are the Meridian Nursing and Rehab facility at Shrewsbury.

Regency Park Nursing and Rehab and the Meridian Rehab in Shrewsbury, are both viable options for families with loved ones who are being discharged from Riverview Hospital and are in need of therapy and rehabilitation before they go home.

Regency Park has a well deserved reputation in the community for stellar and compassionate care in a warm and homey environment.

Riverview hospital doesn’t just afford excellent medical care. They are also very active in the community.

In fact, they are about to host a “Paint the town pink day”, to fight breast cancer and there are pink bows and signs all over Red Bank advertising this upcoming event.

To schedule a tour of the beautiful Regency Park Nursing and Rehab facility, please call 732-264-5800 xt. 3343

Regency Park is the Top Nursing Center in Monmouth County

When I tour with folks at Regency Park Nursing & Rehab, I tell them that we are not here to simply facilitate the ‘survival’ of our residents. There isn’t a resident here who is simply passing time and “surviving.” Rather, everyone who is here is absolutely thriving!

One need only witness the happy and smiling faces of our residents (and their families) to see the kind of compassionate care we provide.

There are far too many nursing homes who adopt the “survival method” approach, whereby they engage in ‘routine maintenance’ of the residents who fall under their care. There is no passion invested in their work and there isn’t a desire to build up the emotional and psychological wellbeing of their residents, in addition to looking after their physical needs.

Regency nursing centers offers a diverse range of programs geared towards stimulating and cultivating the total wellbeing of our patients and residents. As a result of our overarching commitment to create happy residents, we have built a recreation program that is first rate and unrivaled by any of our competitors.

Each and every day is chock full of activities and our residents are constantly busy, active and happy!

Whether it is our many interactive games, bingo sessions, concerts (Elvis didn’t die, he is in our building all of the time!) or our arts and crafts, there is something for everyone!

In fact, right outside my office there is a huge calendar of activities posted on the wall. See the picture below. Every resident has a small version of this calendar in their private rooms. Some of the activities are self explanatory, while others are completely foreign to me. I do know that our Recreation Director, Maribel Restrepo, invests a great deal of effort and talent into making every activity a unique success!

The Regency Park Activity Calendar!
The Regency Park Activity Calendar!

I invite you to tour with us at Regency Park in Hazlet, New Jersey, to see what all of the buzz is about!

Please call me at 732-264-5800 extension 3343.