Smile, You’re On Camera!


I was meeting with a family the other day and they mentioned another nursing home they had recently visited.

The one thing which most influenced their decision NOT to entrust Mom into their care, was the lack of smiles on the faces of the several department heads who were out and about in the common areas.

In fact, someone I know, who is employed at a local hospital was actually censored by her superiors because they noted her on the cameras walking around the common areas looking stoic (at best), dour and morose. Such facial expressions stand contrary to what should be projected to families and patients who are already dealing with a personal crisis.

There isn’t anything more instructively negative than an employee of a skilled care facility who isn’t smiling, ALL the time.

The most important and tactical and compassionate asset one could provide to a family and patient in need is a smiling and cheery countenance.

Your smile is transformative and has the ability to light up the life of those around you (and yourself as well, btw).

Don’t deprive yourself and others of the ability to derive peace, comfort and assurance that everything will be ok.

At Regency, we smile all the time!

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