Senior Rehab Centers Near CentraState Hospital, Freehold NJ

CentraState Hospital located in Freehold NJ, is considered to be one of the top ranked hospitals in the US, according to a US News Report. With a 273 bed census and many patients who are admitted for elective surgeries, CentraState is a natural choice for senior patients who opt to pursue postacute in-patient rehabilitation upon discharge from the hospital before returning to home.

Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation in Hazlet, NJ is proud to be affiliated with this exceptional hospital and its close proximity makes it an excellent choice for families who are seeking a stellar rehab program near Centra Sate hospital.

Im actually about to leave my office for a quarterly meeting for SAR (Subacute Rehab Facilities) Which is scheduled today at 8:00am in CentraState hospital’s Star & Barry Tobias ambulatory campus.  

Centra State Hospital is located at 901 W Main St  Freehold Township, NJ 07728

Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation is located at 3325 Highway 35 in Hazlet, NJ

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