Regency Nursing Hospice Program in New Jersey

I’m an emotional guy by nature. In fact, I sometimes wear my emotions on my sleeve and often to my detriment. The fact that I work in the senior healthcare industry and specifically with the Regency Alliance on Senior Healthcare, facilitates emotional displays, when I witness the daily doses of compassion which we afford our residents.

Nowhere is this more evident than with our Hospice residents.

You know, this morning on my way to work, I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial that had me in tears. It was for a pediatric hospice organization providing end of life care at home. In the voice over of the commercial, there were children singing a beautiful song (with layers of harmony) called “in my room” which invoked the concept of a child’s room being a singular safe haven where they are surrounded by their familiar creature comforts (their stuffed animals, their pictures and artwork and other ‘stuff’) and where they can feel protected as they approach the end of life.

What can I say, the commercial was a real tear jerker and very well done (they certainly had my attention).

At Regency Nursing Centers, we too provide compassionate end of life hospice for our senior residents. Their rooms similarly act as their safe haven where they can approach their end of life with grace and dignity. Their rooms are also outfitted with their many personal effects that give them comfort and familiarity during their final days.

Regency Nursing Homes in New Jersey work in close collaboration with premier Hospice organizations like Stein Hospice, Life Choice Hospice and Gentiva Hospice.

There isn’t a more compassionate organization to address end of life care, than the Regency Alliance on Senior Care, WHERE THE CARE TRULY COMES TO LIFE!

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