“Seasoned Citizens??”

I was listening to a speech on senior care the other day.

Now, I am a stickler for perfection, because it is an issue of pride. Perfection is only possible when one has pride in their work.

Perfection isn’t exclusively defined by action, but also relevant in ones speech. It is important to speak well and to speak cogently and declaratively. Of course, it is equally important to actually make sense and not carry forth with inane drivel and mindless prattle (same thing, but you get my point).

So I’m listening to this guy carry on for twenty minutes like a drone. On and on he intoned in a flat and monotonous pitch, not unlike the content of his speech which also seemed flat and irrelevant.

It was tough to stay awake and focused.

Then he said something that caught my full attention.

He was talking about cognitive decline in senior citizens, but instead of appropriately using the word ‘senior,’ he referred to them as “seasoned citizens.”


What, pray tell is a “seasoned citizen?!”

All seniors are seasoned, by a lifetime worth of experience and wisdom. Sure, they are “seasoned,” but that’s because they are seniors.

Why the need for political correctness when referring to our senior population?!

Is it now improper and uncouth to call an elderly person a senior citizen?!

Sad, that of his entire bloated and pedantic demagoguery, the only thing that caught my attention, is the one item that made the least sense.

There isn’t a more compassionate Senior Healthcare Nursing Organization, than Regency Nursing Centers.

Nobody is more “seasoned” in taking exceptional care of our seniors than we are.

Hey, maybe I should have been the presenter! I’d have used the term “seasoned” too, albeit in a different context!

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