Healthcare Shifts From Fee-For-Service To Value Based Care

Healthcare is heading for a major change, and hospitals and health systems are preparing for a major industry shift. Value-based care will bring about many changes, not least, how physicians will be compensated.

How will healthcare leaders address and adjust physician compensation in this new environment? Scott D. Hayworth, MD, the President and CEO of Mount Kisco Medical Group in NY, says that his organization will be will begin re-evaluating its compensation structure over the next two to three years as carriers in  his region move toward value-based models.

Thomas G. Lundquist, MD, senior VP and CMO of Optima Health in Virginia Beach, VA, says “Physician compensation expectations aren’t a problem, per se. Rather, physicians in large want to protect how they get paid based on what they know today. So we, as a health system–owned health plan, have to establish trust with providers as we think about paying them.”

I grabbed this cute slideshow off the web which illustrates the concept.

Regency Nursing Centers has never, ever, wavered on the World Class quality of care we provide, based upon shifts in Healthcare reimbursement levels and the like.

Our commitment to spare no expense for the sake of our residents is as solid today as it was 25 years ago when our organization was founded.

This man is to thank for it.

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