Revolutionary Technology in Brain Rehabilitation

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As you are aware, The Regency Alliance on Senior Care loves any technology that helps in the healing process.

Our beloved Regency Founder has been at the very forefront of adopting new and evolving technologies in healthcare.  Where others are “afraid of the unknown,” we constantly push the envelope in seeking out innovative tools and programs to benefit our patients and residents.

That’s why I was tickled when I came across a new program making waves in our industry.

After a stroke or traumatic brain injury, many people experience difficulty speaking or understanding what others are saying. The good news is that the brain is able to repair itself to some extent, with the help of cognitive and speech therapy programs. The bad news is, the rehabilitation process is expensive and can involve weekly visits to specialty clinics.

A startup called Constant Therapy converted years’ worth of aphasia rehabilitation research at Boston University into a digitized cognitive-communication therapy program that patients can use on iPads from their homes.


Now the Boston-based company has just scored its first round of outside capital from Boston University, TiE Angels Boston and serial entrepreneur Andy Palmer to continue developing and marketing the platform. Constant Therapy didn’t disclose how much was raised, but a recent SEC filing indicates it was $605,000.

Designed for people who have had a traumatic brain injury or stroke, or who have a learning disability, the app allows speech and language pathologists to create, modify and monitor customized therapy programs that patients can access remotely. The cloud-based solution encompasses more than 50 different tasks and 10 levels of difficulty from which therapists can select when building the programs. As patients progress, the program can then be modified accordingly.

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