Regency Nursing Model For Success

One the beautiful aspects of working at Regency, is the fact that you are given all the tools to succeed and are empowered with the confidence to do so.


This is truly a unique and defining characteristic of the Regency business model. Our Founder and President, is fond of saying that his overarching criteria when hiring, is to hire an employee who is “nice.”

He says; “I can train my employees in the world class Regency way, but I cannot teach nice.”

So long as the individual possesses the essential Regency qualification of compassion, which is the sine qua non of our approach to senior care, everything else can be taught.

In my previous career, I sold expensive diamonds and designed custom jewelry, now I take care of people. Pretty significant career change right there!

I knew nothing about the world of Healthcare, but I was given the tools to succeed and I am constantly surrounded by caregivers who are at the pinnacle of their profession and willing to share of their vast knowledge and experience.

A friend of mine who works in healthcare recently complained to me that in his new job, he “inherited all kinds of problems” from his predecessor which he needs to now deal with retroactively.

I don’t know why people seem to confide in me for everything, even where discretion would be advised. (“Discretion is the better part of valor,” as the saying goes).

However, I chuckled at the incongruity of a man as capable as he, decrying the perceived injustice of having to adapt to a new reality.

I thought to myself, don’t pillory your predecessor more than once because you’ll never get away with it the second time.

It reminds me of the joke about the newly elected politician whose departing predecessor gives him two envelopes on his way out, along with the following missive:

(He says) “When you encounter your first problem as a newly elected official, open the first envelope. The second time you are faced with a crisis, open the second envelope.”

So, a few weeks into his tenure, he runs headlong into a crisis. He quickly opens the envelope and reads the instructions of his predecessor, which states as follows: “Blame this mishap on me and you’ll be ok.”

So he does just that and it allows for him to maintain his position and move on.

A little while later, he finds himself in a new predicament, so he sits down to open the second envelope, which instructs him as follows:
“Bob, at this time, please sit down and create two separate envelopes…….”


At Regency, the business of being a compassionate caregiver, is innate and a result of nature.
However, the tools for success are developed and nurtured.

Our stellar reputation is a testament to our success!

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