Regency Nursing TLC Program Officially Launched!

Exciting times are upon us here at Regency Nursing Centers with the official launch of our much-anticipated TLC program!

TLC stands for:

Think: We think about the way that every resident feels and communicates at all times.

Look: We are always on the lookout for any signs of behavioral and/or physical changes in the resident.

Communicate: We are quick to communicate any visible changes to the appropriate staff and supervisors who are in a position to effectively deal with it.

Our premise is to catch issues as they arise and to thereby effectively prevent small issues from turning into major ones.

Regency has long been at the forefront of the Re-hospitalization issue and this new initiative is yet another step in the direction of avoiding and altogether eliminating instances of re-hospitalization at Regency nursing centers across the state!

With fewer instances of residents going back and forth to (and from) the hospital, we have seen tremendous success as indicated by the bright smiles on the faces of our residents (and their families)!

It is no small wonder that we are celebrating the birthdays of our multitudes of Centenarians living in health and happiness at our facilities!

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