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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 22, 2013– Close to 100 senior executives from across the entire field of healthcare, plus additional industries including retail, venture capital, social media, and IT will meet this week in Chicago to discuss and plan for a radically changed healthcare market. The session sponsored by the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center, will focus on perhaps the most striking feature of the emerging market: the way traditional healthcare companies and new players such as retailers and IT companies are coming together in new, potentially powerful combinations. More information on the agenda and speakers can be found here.

“We expect to see traditional health insurance companies get more involved in the delivery of healthcare,” explains Sukanya Soderland, a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Health & Life Sciences practice group and a member of the center. “And some of the newer models of healthcare delivery such as accountable care organizations force doctors and hospitals to take on part of the financial risk of caring for patients, moving them closer to the role of insurer.

Oliver Wyman Partner Charlie Hoban adds, “The new healthcare market will be much more consumer-oriented, much more technology-enabled, and much more focused on wellness and healthy lifestyles, and that means there will be a role for a whole array of new players. It’s not just that they have an opportunity–they’re needed. As one executive told us, ‘It’s unlikely that the traditional players, tied as we are to our business models and assets, will be agile enough to revolutionize healthcare. Look at Amazon and bookstores.'”

Participants in the session will work together to answer three key questions about healthcare convergence:

— What are the rules of the new market?

— What business models are most likely to succeed?

— How will companies need to change to compete in the new healthcare world,
and what happens to companies that fail to change?

At Regency Nursing Centers, we don’t ‘fix’ that which isn’t broken and we are already leading our industry in streamlining emerging technologies and innovations with our timeless business model.

Everyone else is looking to copy us already, so no need to reserve a seat for us at the discussion table!

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