Regency Heritage In Somerset Welcomes Eli Weinberg!

Regency Heritage In Somerset, would like to welcome a new member of our Administrative team!

Eli Weinberg, L.N.H.A brings his talent and expertise to our robust staff and will complement our 2 legendary Regency Heritage Administrators, Mr. Marty Bengio and Mr. Frank Raccuia!


Mr. Eli Weinberg

This morning, Eli sent me an email to highlight something her heard from a potential Regency employee he interviewed today.

He writes:


I asked her what makes her the right fit for the job and her reply was:

“I’m always smiling! You can’t walk around looking worse than the sick patient you must compassionately care for and heal!”

I thought it was a great line and I’m sharing it with you to post on the blog if you’d like.”

Sure thing Eli and happy to oblige!

By the way, the best line I ever heard on a related theme, came from Mr. Gross directly (and I quote him often, when borrowing this great phrase).

He was once expounding on what he believes are the necessary ingredients of any Regency employee, when he said the following:

“More than anything else, I am looking for nice people. All of the necessary skills and caregiving techniques are extremely important and vital, but I’m prepared to teach the right candidate and bring their skill set up to par with my standards.

However, the one thing which cannot be properly taught, is how to be a nice person.

This inherent quality is either there in the person already, or it is lacking.

If someone is not a nice and kind person, they may be the most clinically qualified person in the State of New Jersey, I promise you they will not work at any of my facilities and will not step foot near any of my patients!”

So Eli,

You are in admirable company.

Welcome aboard!





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