New Home At Regency Park For 5 Star Rated and Deficiency Free-2!

I’m excited to share good tidings with you, my beloved audience.

Our famous Betta fish, Deficiency Free-2 and 5 Star Rated, have both found new homes at Regency Park!

For those of you who don’t know who they are and how they were named, this blog post from 2014 is a must read.

(btw, I’ve long struggled with the ‘Fish vs. Fishes’ conundrum for grammatically proper application.

I’ve discovered that the plural of fish is usually fish, but fishes has a few uses. In biology, for instance, fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish. For example, if you say you saw four fish when scuba diving, that means you saw four individual fish, but if you say you saw four fishes, we might infer that you saw an undetermined number of fish of four different species.

Fishes, with an apostrophe, also serves as the plural possessive of fish—for example, the fishes’ scales were yellow. And of course fishes is the present-progressive verb (e.g., she fishes in the river).

Fishes also appears in the cinematic gangster idiom sleep with the fishes, used to indicate that someone has been whacked – and perhaps given a water burial.

I digress good naturedly, btw, but I’m certain that’s apparent).

That’s right!

Deficiency Free-2 is now swimming delightedly in his brand new 12 gallon habitat in my office (my own personal purchase, donated for the benefit of our enthusiastic visitors!), while 5 Star rated is enjoying his new rock-star status from his elevated perch in our beautiful lobby!

new tank

Deficiency Free -2.

Now take a look at 5 Star rated in the lobby (photo below)!


(that’s yours truly in the mirror, taking the photo)

Of course, we already have a beautiful aquarium in the lobby!

Take a look below (the ‘old-timer’ fish are not jealous btw and are more than happy to share the spotlight. There’s plenty of room in the lobby for everyone).




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  1. Mary Sloan says:

    Did you see “my” fish when you visited today? The ones in the pond, I mean. Last year we had only 6. Now we have 5 of the originals and about 4 dozen babies. They kept “warm” during the winter, I suppose. I know they were busy!

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