Regency Employee Of The Month Certificate & A Happy Couple!

Today’s stream of consciousness for me is a tale of happy people – and why not! We make people happy at Regency and we enjoy witnessing happy moments too.

Here is what made me smile today:

Our new Employee of the month Certificates! Take a look below (I whited out the portion with the name on it because we are not presenting at our locations until Friday and I wish to keep the secret and maintain the suspense until then!


The next thing that made me smile, was an email I received today from my Dad.

You see, in my previous incarnation, I sold diamonds and jewelry for a living. Engagement Rings was a big part of it and one of my ‘bread & butter’ items.

I always enjoyed playing a small role in the blissful union between two people at the cusp of their relationship!

Whether you’re engaged in healthcare and healing, or selling diamond rings, there is no more rewarding experience than to know that you made someone happy.

So when my Dad (who is still in the diamond and jewelry business) sent me this photo today of a couple who just purchased an engagement ring from him, I was thrilled!

This customer just proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Washington Monument a few hours ago and then promptly emailed this photo along with a testimonial.

Enjoy today’s Regency Daily Dose Of Inspiration!





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