No Climate Change at Regency Nursing Centers!

The weather today is horrendous.

Call it a “polar vortex” “climate change”  or what have you, the point is, it’s cold!

Thankfully, local municipalities have “activated” “the climate center desk,” so now I feel really protected in a cocoon of security and serenity.


I feel protected because our superb Regency maintenance teams have cleared the snow from our open and public spaces and have the building all warm and toasty for our staff and residents.

What the heck is a “climate center” anyway and why does it need to be “activated?!”

Are there actually oompa loompas somewhere who sit all year at these news stations completely dormant (while on payroll), waiting for the right moment to be “activated?!”

So how does it work, exactly? There is a storm surge and a decision is made to adroitly “activate” the oompa loompas so they could immediately cover the event in real time?!

What about the global warming issue?

Global Warming?
Global Warming?


Is climate change steadily cooking the world’s oceans?

Because the ocean’s so big—it takes up more than 70% of the planet’s surface—it absorbs a lot of energy without anyone being much the wiser.

However, the salient point to ponder is this; are the oceans evaporating?

View the data here and knock yourself out. To me, it may as well be French (and I don’t speak French)!

All I know is, it is cold today with plenty of snow across the east coast.

It hardly feels like global warming on a day like today.

Perhaps I’ll ask the oompa loompas what they think.




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