“National Coffee Day” At Regency Nursing Centers

Today is “National Coffee Day” which is celebrated with aplomb in at least several countries.

Wikepedia has a whole history of its origins for the uninitiated. Read about it here.

My take is different but simple. I think this day was invented by 4bucks…err, I mean Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts, but I digress.

It is a day to revel in coffee  – and as a total addict, I can relate on more than just a superficial level. My coffee fixation is deeply routed and worthy of a Freudian study, but I digress yet again.

Plenty retailers are offering freebie coffees to customers today. For a complete listing and to find one in your area, click here.

But I still have a much better option for you.

Visit a loved one in any Regency Nursing and Rehab facility today, or come down for a tour and we will provide you with a delicious cup of free coffee on-the house!

Moreover, we wont limit this to a one time offer.

Rather, “National coffee day” (deliciously brewed, I might add) is 365 at Regency Nursing Centers.

I have a migraine today. I just had my coffee. Come get yours!

coffee day



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