Let Us Count Our Blessings!!

  • I ran a 5k this morning at a 7:15 minutes per mile, pace.
  • I helped my Wife and got the kids off to school all on my own (It’s a major accomplishment for me each time that I do it)!
  • I’ll be visiting two of our Regency facilities today to interact with our amazing residents and their families and to partake of all the fun, laughter, food, music and good cheer.
  • I’ll be visiting 3 hospitals in our communities to warm the hearts of those who cannot be at home during this holiday
  • I’ll probably hand out chocolate (and eat some of it too…and then run some more miles to work it off).
  • I received this magnificent Thanksgiving Day message from our Regency Founder & President, which was sent out to the entire Regency family!

In short, I feel blessed!

You should feel blessed too!




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