I Prefer Rudolph to Caroline!

Everyone is in a good Holiday mood and I’m getting a kick out of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Song is catchy and Rudolph is getting allot of love. In my view, Rudolph is deserving of my gratitude for offering me a brief respite from “sweet Caroline” whose ode to music is less than endearing. In fact, the sweet Caroline song has me thinking she may not be as sweet as she purports to be. That’s just my opinion though. Who is this Caroline anyway? She doesn’t serenade me, so why should I engage in a one sided relationship?!
No, I greatly prefer (and welcome) Rudolph, red nose and all.

I was in Manhattan last night. Walking through Times Square in N.Y.C. was a complete assault on the senses. I was overwhelmed by the blinding lights and people everywhere.
Families were out and about and it was nice to see people enjoying each others company.

I feel this acutely at our Regency Facilities during this time of the year.
We invite and encourage families to be present in our building at all times in order to bond with their loved ones.
I love watching these gatherings knowing that we are facilitating such lifelong memories to cherish and preserve.
We are after all, “The Place Where the Caring Comes to Life!”

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