Dizzy From The Government Healthcare Website?

So what’s the deal with this new ‘affordable healthcare plan’ online?!

welcome to the twilight zone
welcome to the twilight zone


The government website is a nightmarish disaster of epic proportions. I checked it out and for the millions of dollars they spent on it, the gaping crevices are bigger than N.Y.C. potholes.

New York Times in a recent op-ed piece, reports that:

“The website, which the administration promised would “function smoothly” for most people by Nov. 30, remains a work in progress. It is more stable, with many more people able to use it simultaneously than just two weeks ago. But it still suffers sporadic crashes, and large parts of the vital “back end” that processes enrollment data and transactions with insurers remain un-built. The president, who polls showed was now viewed by a majority of Americans as not trustworthy, has conceded that he needs to “win back” his credibility.”

The urgent race to fix the website — now playing out behind the locked glass doors of the closely guarded war room in Columbia, Md. — has exposed a deeply dysfunctional relationship between the Department of Health and Human Services and its technology contractors, and tensions between the White House chief of staff and senior health department officials. It strained relations between the Obama administration and the insurance industry, helped revive a Republican Party battered after the two-week government shutdown and frustrated, even infuriated, Congressional Democrats.

Why the heck does a computer glitch fix require a hushed and desperate conclave in a WAR ROOM?!

Isn’t the war room buried somewhere in a secret bunker and only opened up during threats of a nuclear apocalypse and other such trying circumstances?! I mean, the last time the President and his cabinet were down there was when that (doctored) photo was taken of them hunkered around a big (Samsung?) LCD screen during the Bin Laden compound raid!

Then, there was another piece I grabbed from Sarah Kliff writing for The Washington Post on December 6.

The title of her article is “HealthCare.gov still messes up 10 percent of enrollments.”

Sounds reassuring, no? Would you use a Cardiologist who “only messes up 10 percent of his heart transplants?”

She goes on to report (in part) that About 10 percent of Obamacare enrollment files have errors. Medicare spokeswoman Julie Bataille confirmed that the agency believes about 10 percent of the health law’s enrollment files — known in insurance-speak as 834 transmissions — have some kind of error. (That figure was reported earlier Friday by Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic.)


Welcome to the twilight zone!

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