High Praise For Regency Nursing Centers From HCANJ

At Regency Nursing Centers, we have been working overtime in implementing plans and procedures to remain far ahead of the curve during this time of crisis.

We have been leading the way in the quality of care we are providing, our unrivaled commitment to our residents, their families and to our heroic caregivers and staff.

This commitment comes from the very top levels of our organization and has been transparently articulated to our Regency Family, as we continuously keep everyone abreast of our progress.

..And it hasn’t been going unnoticed.

Just last week, we were thrilled to receive high praise from Mr. Jonathan Dolan, President and CEO of the Healthcare Association of New Jersey, to this email sent out by our Regency Founder and President, Mr. David Gross.

Here is what Mr. Dolan wrote:


This is, by far, one of the best communications I have seen during this crisis.

Thank you for your commitment to your, residents, families, our state and nation during this terrible crisis.

Good Luck!


Jonathan Dolan

President & CEO

Health Care Association of New Jersey”

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