Happy Holiday From Regency Nursing Centers!!

Happy Holiday Everyone!!!

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or both, there is so much to be thankful for!

At Regency Postacute Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers, we are thankful for so very much!

We are thankful for our wonderful residents and their families. We are thankful that they are thriving in our warm and caring environments. We are thankful that they will enjoy our superb slate of activities, concerts and festive meals today.

On a personal and professional level, I am thankful for so much.

I am thankful for my wonderful family, for our health and for the fantastic community we live in.

I’m thankful to you all for reading this blog, which has become a true source of industry information and Regency feedback in a relatively short period of time. Our traffic is increasing by leaps and more and more folks are engaging with us to our great delight!

I am thankful to our beloved Founder, Mr. Gross, who has created Nursing Centers which are the envy of the Healthcare industry. With impeccable integrity, inspiring leadership, grace and passionate compassion, he has fashioned an oasis of tranquility and senior care in every City lucky enough to have a Regency center in its midst.

Mr. David Gross; Founder and President
Mr. David Gross; Founder and President

I cannot think of a better place to work, where “the caring literally comes to life, every single day!”

I am thankful to my colleagues in all of our facilities and to our admissions teams which I am a part of, for treating our residents as we would wish for our own loved ones to be treated.

I am thankful to Mr. Tzvi Gross and Mr. Al Morris of our administration for their exceptional talents and tactical support in all Regency facilities Statewide.

Tzvi Gross of our Administration!
Tzvi Gross of our Administration!
Right to Left: Joshua Craven, AIT, Al Morris
Right to Left: Al Morris, Joshua Craven

I am thankful to the families of our residents who work with us in good faith and mutual collaboration everyday for the sake and wellbeing of our shared loved ones!

Finally, I am thankful to our hundreds of patients and residents who love us as we love them and make up the most precious component that is the very fabric of our Regency family!

Oh…..and if I could digress for just a second..

Did you know that today is a big day for running and races in general! There are a plethora of “Turkey Trots” and events across the country.

Eat the turkey, but don't run like a turkey!!
Eat the turkey, but don’t run like a turkey!!

I’m here in our admissions department today, so I wont be participating in any races (although I did run 5 miles solo this morning), but I did come up with our own version of the “Turkey Trot” in honor of the Holiday, which I’d like to label, “The Regency Trot!”

Here is my inaugural logo!


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