A Heartfelt Testimonial For Regency Nursing Centers. Wow!

I’ll let the picture and text speak for me in this posting.

I just received this a few moments ago from a family member and it brought tears to my eyes.

First the pictures and then the text beneath it.

Inside of Card

Inside of Card

Face of the card

Face of the card

Here is the text inside of the card:

“3rd floor staff and Judah

The wonderful and compassionate care you gave my dad, Al S___, means so much more than words can ever say.

My Dad passed peacefully on Sunday night, 11/24/13. I will never forget the kindness and care he received from you and your staff.

With gratitude!


Patti S.

You were great!”

About Judah

Regency Nursing Centers has a well deserved reputation for excellence in healthcare and I'm extremely proud of our achievements! Thanks for reading our Regency Blog!
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