CMS Launches Next Phase of New Quality Improvement Program

On July 18th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) added fourteen new organizations to its list of contracts awarded to restructure the Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program.

Earlier this year, CMS announced that it was looking to improve the QIO program to make it more efficient, reduce perceived conflicts of interest and do a better job of addressing the needs of beneficiaries. The first phase of the program is underway, and now the second phase is beginning. The organizations that have won these contracts will work directly with providers on data-driven quality initiatives, including:

  • Reducing healthcare associated infections
  • Reducing readmissions
  • Reducing medication errors
  • Working with nursing homes to improve care for residents
  • Supporting clinical practices in using IT to help with the exchange of health information for improving care coordination

QIO Program changes will be announced on August 1, 2014 when CMS releases its Statement of Work.

Click here to read the CMS press release.

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