Depend On Your Integrity!

I woke up early this morning for an 8 mile run.

Today I decided on a new route which I’d never run before.

About 3 miles in on a difficult downhill, I spotted a medical supplies store with a big picture of a ‘Depends’ brand diaper in the window. The caption emblazoned on the top of the photo, read: “Depend on Us.”

Avid runners will tell you that a cardinal rule of running, is to never stop midstride on a downhill. Running downhill exerts tremendous pressure on the quadriceps and stopping midstride is harmful to its 4 prevailing muscle groups.

I could not, however, help myself.

I stopped on a dime to take a closer look at the fine print and saw that it was a promotion offering a free giveaway of a case of depends to all new accounts.

I found this ‘promotion’ to be uncouth at best and downright offensive at worst.

Perhaps I’m overreacting here (and feel free to disagree, since we are all entitled to our own worthless opinions!), but as a human and a healthcare professional, I’m wondering whether the marketing wiz who cooked this up was drinking whiskey at the time?!

I mean, honestly, what kind of callous Neanderthal advertises healthcare supplies by taking a cheap shot at seniors suffering from incontinence?!

Would you buy anything from these guys?

I wouldn’t.

At Regency Nursing Centers, our residents ‘depend’ upon us to treat them with dignity and compassion and we deliver in spades!

In these efforts of ours, we don’t depend on depends, but rely on our compassion and integrity.

Sometime ago, I blogged here regarding this famous quote from the late Senator Daniel P. Moynihan: “Defining Deviancy Down.”

This store ought to look it up in the dictionary because its got their name next to it.

‘nuff said.

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