Regency Grande in Dover, Welcomes A War Veteran To Our Family!

Regency Grande In Dover is proud to welcome a very special person to our community!

About Dale

Dale Giambattista joined the Navy when he was seventeen years old. He was in the Navy for six years and two months. Mr. Gaiambattista was in World War Two and he said he was “stationed all over.” He said his favorite memory about his time in the Navy was when his boat stopped at an island in the Pacific Ocean. He said his crew spent the day swimming in the clear water and watching all the fish. He talked about how that  day was a great day for him and his crew. Mr. Giambattista said he met his wife while he was in the Navy and they spent a wonderful 51 years together.

Dale, it is an honor and a privilege for us to welcome you to the Regency Grande family.


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