Regency War Vet’s: Mr. Barry Alan Landy of Regency Gardens!

war vet

I’m proud to introduce a new blog category today!

This category will be dedicated to a monthly write up to highlight one of our beloved Regency residents who is a War Veteran!

Today, I’ll be highlighting Mr. Barry Alan Landy, who is a resident of Regency Gardens in Wayne, NJ!


Barry was born on 8/23/1936 in Reading, PA

He graduated from the Wharton’s School of Business and U-Penn with a Degree in Corporate Finance.

He served honorably in the US Marine Corps from 1958-62 and in the MC Reserves until 1966. His position was Infantry Officer Recon.

In his professional career, he delved into his passion for aviation and was first employed at Hanover airport and eventually became the owner of the Mustang Aviation flight school at Essex County Airport, in Caldwell, NJ.

Barry owned several old “warbirds,” – two SNJ5’s and also purchased the Corsair F4U-5N plane which you can see in the framed photo he is holding in the picture above.

In 1989, Barry topped off his collection with the purchase of a T-28C.

But a career in aviation was not without its hiccups either!

As part of Barry’s dream, he expanded the flight school to include helicopter instruction. However, on 8/22/02, while flying in a helicopter on a teaching run with one of his students, they were forced to crash land on the runway and Barry suffered several broken vertebrae and wound up in Morristown hospital before making a remarkable recovery.

Barry ultimately sold the flight school and remained on board (pun intended) as a flight instructor, before retiring.

In August of 2013 after suffering a stroke, Barry joined the Regency family of residents (and war veterans) and has been living with us happily, blessedly and blissfully, ever since!

Today, Barry enjoys showing pictures and memorabilia and regaling his peers and our staff and families, with nostalgic tales of bygone times!

Regency Post-acute Rehab and Nursing Centers is blessed and honored to call Mr. Barry Alan Landy, a part of the REGENCY FAMILY!


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