Blessed Snow at Regency Nursing!

I say if you can’t beat em’ join em!

The Groundhog told us we’d be looking at more of the white fluffy stuff, so let’s make the best out of it, shall we?

I left the house early this morning to bum a ride with Tzvi G.

4 wheel drive, really does make a difference. I felt tethered to the snow all the way here and the traction was readily apparent.

The drive itself was surreal. It looked like we were driving through the Siberian Tundra (no, I’ve never been)!

Here is what we saw:

Garden State Parkway looks like Siberia

Garden State Parkway looks like Siberia

This is where we get off!

This is where we get off!

Once we arrived, I got busy with the crew (ok, the shovel for me was just a prop, I admit, but these guys are awesome!)

Shoveling with the guys!

Shoveling with the guys!

Inside the building we are warm and toasty and ready for another great day at Regency Nursing Centers!

Where our so called ‘competitors’ must contend with the difficult snow in the same manner as a salesman attempts to sell ice to the Eskimos, at Regency it’s just another day and a stroll in the park (metaphorically speaking of course, since it’s snowing outside. I did mention that right?)

‘Selling’ families on our superb and compassionate care and post acute rehabilitation is easy!

Deficiency Free might as well be in Florida, though!
What a life!

Hey. Deficiency Free, Why so smug! It's snowing outside!

Hey. Deficiency Free, Why so smug! It’s snowing outside!

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