www.BakedBouquet.com At Regency!

A few weeks ago, I met with the owners of Baked Bouquet, an upscale boutique store located in Verona, NJ and online at www.bakedbouquet.com

baked bouquet-2

baked bouquet-1

The owners of this specialty store happen to be the son and nephew of our very own Regency Park attending, Physician, Dr. Fouad Albana!

I met with Dr. Albana’s son, Hamdy Albana, at his fathers office in order to be introduced to their mouthwatering offerings, which would be the perfect gift for our families and patients etc.

I was blown away.

These are not simply cupcakes, but are truly handmade works of art.

Small wonder that their facebook video has gone viral online and achieved over 2 million hits via vimeo.

I got several samples including their custom made cupcake bouquet!

I brought it back to the facility and everyone was amazed.

Stay tuned!

We took these photos, BTW:

These are not roses, they are butter frosted cupcakes.











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