Winter Safety Information For Seniors Courtesy of Regency Nursing Centers

The arctic blast moving through the Midwest this week presents complications for everyone but poses special risks for the eldery.

The “polar vortex” dropped temperatures from the high 30s to –10F within six hours Sunday. Strong winds added windchill factors as high as –41F from Minneapolis to Cleveland, while pushing single-digit temperatures into the Deep South.

Older adults, even those who are otherwise healthy, have more trouble staving off the effects of cold weather than younger adults do. Certain medical conditions, including diabetes and chronic heart failure, can reduce the body’s ability to combat the cold. Many medications also can affect the body’s heat production, making the body more susceptible to a chilly environment, notes the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

Our Regency Alliance on Senior Care put together an excellent brochure on winter safety for seniors!
Please open the attachment and download it or print it for you to use.

Winter Safety Brochure

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