Window To The Soul

They say “the eyes are a window to the soul.”

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, ours are compassionate and caring eyes.

Indeed, our Founder & President is invested with a vision, a vision he has therefore vested in all Regency personnel.

That vision is to reflect and refract compassion and compassionate care.

He often says “We can teach our employees the requisite skills necessary to provide the highest caliber of care that has become synonymous with the Regency Standard of Excellence!

However, we cannot teach “nice,” one is either nice, or isn’t.

Nice people work at Regency.

They also happen to be fabulous clinicians and professionals!

This is today’s Regency Daily Dose of Inspiration!

(and I hope you like the image below)

(Our Regency founder always inspires)

regency daily message - 98


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