Why We Are Proud Of Our Consumer Reviews

One of the greatest compliments we get, is when happy families are motivated to write a positive review of their experience at our facilities.

It is an exceptional feeling when we show our staff a letter of praise from a family and indeed it serves an affirmation and validation of their tireless efforts and yeoman’s work.

After all, families and patients are the final arbiters to judge actual performance, not staff.

I had to laugh when I bumped into the exceptional “review” below of a brick and mortar store that shall be left nameless.

Clearly, the boss is enamored, but is he truly impartial? It is hardly an anomaly or aberration when the boss believes in his product, whether he is graced with healthy realism, or afflicted with delusion.

What does the customer think?

That’s what I want to know.

At Regency, we know what our residents and their families think and it is a source of great pride for us.



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