Why I Blog

Dear Lillian,

Thanks for reaching out to me privately via the blog.

You asked me why I blog and how it is that I continuously come up with fresh and unique content, perspectives and information.

Both are very good questions and I’d like to answer in this public forum, as our readership is growing everyday and I’d like to offer my response for everyone’s collective edification.

When you love something and you are passionate about it, you’re excited to share it with others. Any noble and worthy endeavor/pursuit deserves exposure on as global a medium as is possible.

This Blog provides me with a venue and a platform to share with you my love for Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers and for the people who run it.

One needn’t ‘develop a taste’ for Regency Nursing Centers. One must simply be exposed to it in order to instantly and fully appreciate it!

People typically don’t need to ‘develop a taste’ for Pizza and Ice cream. You know why? Because it tastes good!

I’ve seen and visited other nursing homes and rehab facilities and I know what goes on there. I have been witness to uncouth and unscrupulous owners and employees. I’ve watched other of our ‘competitors’ engaged in egregious abuses of family and patient trust, whether in terms of care or otherwise.

People who cannot be passionately compassionate have no business in healthcare. There are plenty of ways to earn an honorable living today which do not require any level of people skills and social interaction.

Healthcare is a ‘peoples business’ and nobody does it better than Regency Nursing Centers and the people who are employed here.

I’ve got a gift to share with you, Lillian.

The blog is my means and vehicle of transmission!

Thanks for reading!

I'm simply sharing with you my love for Regency and Regency's love for our patients!
I’m simply sharing with you my love for Regency and Regency’s love for our patients!

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