Who Took All The Watermelons!!?!!

Dear Confused Monmouth County Resident,

I’m thinking you’re puzzled and stymied by the recent and mysterious disappearance of the watermelons from the shelves of your local shop rites and food markets, yes?

My wife, who isn’t even from Monmouth County (neither am I, btw, since we live in the same place) couldn’t find a decent watermelon this week at our local shop rite either!!

So what happened to all the watermelons??

Watermelons don’t typically get lost on a store shelf like a box of raisins.

They’re actually quite large and quite memorable.

So where are they??

Well, I have a confession to make.

They are all at, or better, they were all at Regency Park in Hazlet, this week!


We purchased ALL of them and probably a few from my Wife’s Shop Rite store too.


Well, we had a few really exciting staff and resident contests this week….

You know what? why explain, when I could actually show you!

Take a look below and you’ll understand!

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