“Where’s Waldo?”

Regency Nursing Centers has a well deserved reputation for being particular about perfection(like the rhyme? I thought of it myself).

One of the things we are sticklers for, is that all Regency Employees be tagged with their readily visible Regency badges identifying them by name and job description. This is for the benefit of the families and residents so that they know who is who and feel like there is always somebody available to help them.

We don’t want any “Where is Waldo” moments.

My Regency Badge: A badge of honor!

My Regency Badge: A badge of honor!

Speaking of “Where is Waldo,” I’m sure all of you folks remember this iconic figure conjured up by llustrator Martin Handford and published in his beloved series of Where’s Waldo books over 25 years ago. The books challenge readers to find the titular cartoon man, clad in his trusty red-striped shirt and red-striped hat, as he hides in a landscape of red-striped red herrings.

"Where's Waldo?"

“Where’s Waldo?”

Well, would you believe that Ben Blatt writing for Slate magazine on November 18, figured out a whole complex system (replete with diagrams) to quickly find Waldo in any image! (I know what you’re thinking and I concur; Ben had far too much time on his hands!)

It’s actually pretty funny.

Check it out

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