When Grandma Dislikes Instagram…

I had the cutest exchange today with one of our lovely residents.

I ran into her in the hallway (figuratively speaking) and she stopped me for a conversation.

We have always been friends and she’s been grateful to me ever since I drove a distance to meet with her for an interview prior to her admission to Regency.

She happens to have a quick and witty sense of humor which I’ve always been tickled by (again, figuratively speaking).

So when she asked me today, tongue-in-cheek, to look into the feasibility of changing her telephone number, I was certainly intrigued.

She explained that her “silly” grandson has her phone number on speed dial and is forever calling her when she’d rather be occupied with one of our many activities, or in our beauty parlor on the 3rd floor, or chatting with her girlfriends. 

Instead, she has to spend time on the phone hearing the same stories over and over and reassuring him that she’s feeling as swell as she felt when he last called…..5 minutes prior.

I promised her I’d think about her dilemma and would try to find a solution to ameliorate and alleviate her anxiety.

And now I think I have the perfect response!

D, if you’re reading this, please tell Mike that you are uncomfortable with Instagram and don’t much appreciate it.

When he asks you to explain your perplexing response, show him the photo below:

(Oh, and keep your old number, just in case you ever develop a taste for Instagram!)

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