What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?

It is my contention that the name of a person, place or thing, defines its very essence.

Names are given to frame the characteristics and attributes of whomever – whatever.

In fact, we sometimes chuckle to ourselves when the names of certain individuals are almost prophetic.

So what’s the deal with Nursing Home names?!

I mean, truly, take a look around at the many nursing homes and in-patient postacute rehabilitation facilities in New Jersey with all kinds of names, many of them curious at best?

Some facilities are named for people who don’t own the facility, much less exist (unless they are on the witness protection program)? Some facilities are named after horses and other animals. Some Nursing Homes have fanciful names that are so completely unbelievable as to indicate a total disconnect between the actual services rendered and somebody’s pipe dream.

The ones that irritate me personally are those facilities with the words ‘creek’, ‘brook’ or ‘sun’ in their names. “Willlowcreek, up the creek, down the creek, behind the creek, stuck in the creek, cederbrook, in the brook, behind the brook, lost in the brook, sunrise, sunset, sundowning” and on and on.

Who are the great marketing minds who thought up these names?! Where did they go to school and how the heck did they graduate?!

Did somebody sit around a table one day and decide to name a facility ‘sundowning center’ because it reminded him of an unfortunate clinical condition?! Really?! Did the same marketing guru get paid to propose the name ‘Peter Parker’ for a different nursing home as an ode to Spider Man?!

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers across New Jersey, our name appropriately defines our essence. We are the aristocracy of Nursing Homes in New Jersey and in general.

We are the folks who set the trends. We are the folks who are imitated but never duplicated. Everyone wants to be a Regency facility, in name only.

The problem is, they fall short in the care and their names therefore appropriately define their own frameworks (unfortunately).

Would you want your beloved mother to be taken care of by a nursing home that is ‘up the creek’ or named after a horse?

Nuff said. Have a great weekend!

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